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Dear Elizabeth,

I cannot express how grateful I am that you brought your technical skills to the Fall River area. Prior to the laser hair removal treatments I expended much time and energy waxing, bleaching, and tweezing unwanted hair. Within four months I have been freed of these arduous tasks. As an added, unexpected bonus, my complexion has improved tremendously because I am no longer tearing at, or using harsh chemicals on, my skin.

The experience has been liberating because I no longer need to worry about unsightly hair that would make me feel self-conscious. The treatment is priceless and I would recommend it to anyone.


Dear Liz,

I have been saying that I wanted to send you this email for eons.  Today is the day, it is not that I did not have anything to say but on the contrary, I had too much to say.  I will never forget the day I met you, it was at my nephew’s 2nd son’s Baptism.  I think you came in late, or was that me?  Anyway, we sat by each other and then we began to talk, you mentioned what you did, I think I asked you.  “Electrology”  Whoa – you had no idea, how long I had spent at my morning ritual – with reading glasses in front of a magnifying glass to try to pull out those stiff needles I felt – but yet could not see!

It had been the same for over the last 30 years, every morning planning my day 2 hours before it began – yes I needed to have 2 hours every morning in order to leave the house, 45 minutes to 1 hour of the 2 hours was for “picking”.  sometimes it went well, other times one hair might break and voila – an ingrown hair – a lump that lasted for days and hurt….. the bruising of the chin area – purple marks that would not be covered up with make up.  Oh my God what a nightmare!

Whenever there might be a trip planned, there was the packing of my utensils for the morning ritual and then the set up in the hotel room, private yet needing the right light!  Getting up before anyone else did, so that I could do my thing, and not be embarrassed.  It was simply awful.  I used to dread upcoming trips etc.

Back to the day I meant you, all of that garbage was rolling around in my head – when I decided to accept your invitation of “Trying It” Electrology (secretly I wanted to so badly).  We set a date and I went to see you.  At first I had to visit you 3 times per week, because I was so paranoid and I did not want to “feel” anything – if I could others might also, with a”hello” embrace etc.  So that is how it went, Monday, Wednesday, Friday for several months, until you convinced me to cut down.  We did, could not get those 2 days quite right, we tried Monday and Thursday, Tuesday and Friday, but I was so paranoid but things were slowing down.  Then you went away for a week, Oh my God – we had to have a back up and you provided one, a trusted
colleague to “take care of me”.  Then I went away for a conference
“fretting” the week long sabbatical from electrology – will I cave – will I

I can go on and on, but in the end, and it has been- I think 3 years- and I see you every six weeks now, and I wake up every morning – I jump out of bed and on to whatever I need to do, no worries, I do not even think of “chin hairs”.  I went on several trips and did not even take a tweezers with me! I can not tell you enough how you have given me back my life, so many wasted hours I could have used on other more productive things than plucking -tweezing -whatever.  I can not thank you and God enough for putting us together that day, you have given me – time (not to mention the purple marks have gone away, I do not even wear makeup anymore, and everyone says how
beautiful my skin is!

Thank you so much Liz


I am 39 years old and after the birth of my 3rd child I began to suffer from dark facial hair on my chin and neck line. It was awful and I tried everything. Creams, waxing, shaving you name it I did it, but it got worst. I looked into treatments but all to expensive until I saw the advertisement for “Elizabeth’s Electrology” in my doctors office. I called made an appointment met with Elizabeth.
Do you want to be treated with respect? Do you want to end using all the makeup and over the counter treatments that don’t work and even make your face worst with the redness and irritation most leave behind? Call Elizabeth!!!.
For the first time in 6 years I hardly wear base make up or any type of cover-up and can with confidence wear my hair up without wondering if everyone is looking at the women with the beard. This treatment is affordable and works and Elizabeth understands what your going through. I am the worst patient but Elizabeth made me feel comfortable and was honest right from minute one.
Take the time, make the call it will change your life.



You have made such a huge change in my appearance that it is overwhelming at times for me.  When I think back on how my skin use to be; shaving was a daily task on my legs and under arms, as was plunking my eye brows and brow line; as well as my upper lip, and that was only after I stopped shaving my upper lip.  My face had hair growth all over it, and you would think I looked like an ugly duckling but I didn’t, somehow I concealed it but always felt self confident about it.

When I started my session with you, I did so because my sister was starting to visit you as well.  I trusted my sister to choose someone she felt comfortable with.  You are not the first person I visited with to try and begin the laser removable treatment, but you are the first person I let treat me.  I was so embarrassed of all of it… Not once have you made me embarrassed, if anything you have made me want to correct other issues with my skin and hair removal that I never though I would let anyone do in my life.  It is our little secret at times, and I am grateful of that.

I have a lot more to say, but I think anyone reading this that has hair growth issues, and is desperately trying to figure out what to do should give you a try.  I am an outgoing person, and can talk to anyone but making a step to correct a problem that I felt was hopeless for me, was very hard for me to do.  Now, it isn’t…..

Thank you, Leslie

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